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 The Rules! (Important read)

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The Rules! (Important read) Empty
PostSubject: The Rules! (Important read)   The Rules! (Important read) EmptyTue Nov 03, 2009 1:24 pm

The Official rules for the Anthrax Productions forum!

1. Respect the Administrators, Moderators, and other members
(Mod/Admin list posted below)

2. No inappropriate content (everything in the forum must be appropriate for any age)

3. No racism, harassment, discrimination, or profiling of any kind will be allowed

4. No spamming is tolerated

5. Do not insult other members of the forum

6. If you post an advertisement of any king, the moderator(s) will decide if it is allowed to stay on the forum

7. Administrators and Moderators have the ability to delete, edit, or move any posts made by members


Anything from a temporary time-based ban, to a permanent ban or even an IP-ban (in rare cases) will be issued by admins or mods. You might also get a warning, but that is completely up to the moderators and admins.

Moderator/Administrator list



Other info:

-Any threads that do not follow the previously-stated rules will be sent to the deadzone
-If you wish to apply as a Moderator, please PM me, Anthrax.

Any other questions?

Post them below.
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The Rules! (Important read)
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